Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little updates

Sorry for the sudden disappearance again, the truth is I don't have any picture to show you any updates :p Anyway, last weekend was the final exam of my last MBA module, which means I don't need to attend classes anymore and I have my every Sunday back. Now, have to finish up the thesis :(

I have joined new company and enjoy my first day yesterday with lots of joy. I even got a basket full of flowers on my 1st day with a card written "Welcome On Board". Wow, feel like a VIP already! haha

Will update some photos soon. For now, there are over 40 of e-learning web courses I need to go through, this gonna be painful....

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm back

It's has been some time i didn't update my blog. I have been busy with my Mid Term exam, assignment, new work place (in case you do not know that I being out task in CIMB). As usual, new things to learn, new faces to know, new culture to adapt.

I now staying in Puchong, not a new place to me and I love my new apartment. Also, exploring new makan places. My life, now is at the beginning of a new phase, the next stage of life. It's time that I no longer rely on people but now be the one who can be entrusted by others.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Are You Too Rigid?

Last weekend on Strategic Mgmt class, my lecturer gave us a test after finishing the chapter of Strategic Leadership. The test is about whether we are too rigid.

Most of my coursemates scored between 20-25 points. One scored the lowest with 18 points. Guess what? I scored the highest in class with 26 points !! Everyone laughed at me :( wtf

Am I too rigid? I did the test again (thinking that maybe it's due to the rush to finish the test in class, it might be a mistake), but it's not. It's still 26 points even after the 2nd attempt. Guess I need to relax myself a little, a perfect excuse to go for vacation!

Try the test yourself and find out the answer whether are you too rigid?

Note: Add up the points (a=1 point), (b=2 points), (c=3 points), and find out the answer